Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bank Po Essays-5. Throw away Culture

Use and throw away culture is becoming increasingly popular. What steps can be taken to counter this trend?

Modern culture is consumeristic and it is known as ‘disposable’ culture. We live in an age of ever- growing  technology and people show keen interest in the latest forms of technology. As such, durability of things have taken a back seat. The attitude of giving preference to convenience also encourages the ‘throw away culture’. In many ways the throw away culture is wasteful.

At the outset, ‘throw away culture’ represents everything from disposing of used syringes or tea cups to discarding computers or even old vehicles. Destroying used plastic is a major problem everywhere Recycling plastic is a process that needs a lot of electricity. Generating electricity at an affordable cost is a serious challenge to mankind. Conventional methods of generating energy add to pollution, and global warming which threatens the very survival of life on earth.

Besides, repairing and reusing machines do not interest multinational companies. Insteas, they promote more and more of their new products. Disposing a lot of waste materials which contain heavy metals like lead and mercury, and poisonous gases has become a formidable challenge to mankind. It is said that the earth can satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.

To conclude, we have been using the earth’s resources for years. Our needs are unlimited but the means to satisfy them are limited. Producing substitutes for many scarce materials is possible; but this process needs abundant supply of energy. Considering all these aspects, ‘throw away culture’ takes the world to the brink of an imminent energy crisis, The earlier we solve it, the better it is for everybody. We have to be proactive to combat this global menace.   

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