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An expression followed by four words is given in each of the questions. The expression carries the meaning of one the words. Find out the word and mark its corresponding letter as the answer.

1. A hastily made obstacle to preventing entering:

(A)fancying, (B) Balustrade, (C) Barricade, (D) Bastion

2. One who evaluates or judges fine arts:

(A) Adjudicator, (B) Artisan, (C) Critique, (D) Connoisseur.

3. Capable of reducing pain:

(A) Seductive, (B)Palliative, (C) Fugitive, (D) Vindictive.

4. A collection of parts into a mass of sum-total:

(A) Aggregate, (B) (A) Adjudicator, (B) Artisan, (C) Critique, (D) Connoisseur.

5. Having a quarrelsome character:

(A) Haughty, (B) Opponent, (C) Belligerent, (D) Salubrious.

6. Careful watching over possible wrong doing:

(A) Supervision, (B) Surveillance, (C) Servitude, (D) Reconnaissance.

7. Concerned with practical ideas or views:

(A) Orthodox, (B) Pragmatic, (C) Sensitive, (D) Apprehensive.

8. Showy but of little value:

(A) luxurious, (B) decorative, (C) Extrovert, (D) Trumpery.

9. Long lasting deep bitterness or ill-will:

(A) Rancour, (B) Grouse, (C)Empathy, (D) Enormity.

10. Very much concerned and anxious:

(A) Sombre, (B) Conciliatory, (C)impetuous, (D)Solicitous.


1.C, 2.D, 3. B, 4. A, 5. C, 6. B, 7. B, 8. D, 9. B, 10. D.

Note : You have forty words here. Refer ALD Oxford or Cambridge find out the exact word meaning of all the forty.

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sentence Completion 2 blaks -2

Each question has a sentence with two blanks followed by five pairs of words. From the choices select the pair that completes the sentence.

1. The _____ production of the crop was affected by the prevailing _________ .

a)Daily ….. trend, b). Untimely…. Condition, c). Crop…. Flood, d). Seasonal….. loss, e). Seasonal…. Drought

2. While the world was ______ to the happenings in Washington and new York, America’s political class was-_____ by the attacks.

a).watching ….. worried, b). alert…. concerned, c).vigilant…. disturbed, d). averse….. excited, e) glued…. Devastated.

3. The one thing that kept the______ in good spirits at the otherwise disappointing Agra summit was the special bar for the ______ at the Mughal Sheraton.

a) press ….. people, b) scribes…. media, c) journalists…. commoners, d) reporters…..meeting,e) visitors…. Media.

 4. We are truly _____ to the many hands and hearts that made this book _______

a) obliged ….. plausible, b) honoured….feasible, c) beholden ……credible, d) grateful……. Possible e)thankful….. flexible.

5. I was felling rather ________ when I ______ a yellow envelop on the table.

a) happy ….. discerned, b) jubilant….. glimpsed, c) ecstatic…… perceived, d) miserable…… spotted, d) upset…. Glared at.


1. Production of crop is affected by ‘flood’ or ‘drought’. But option C is incorrect because of the word ‘crop’ in the first blank. Choice ‘e’ is apt .

2. ‘watching” is not followed by ‘to’ . So option 1 is incorrect. Option 2 is inapt because, ‘’concerned’ is not followed by ‘by’. The world was ‘glued’ to the happenings in Washington and it was likely that America’s political class was ‘devastated’ by the attacks.

3. It cannot be said that the ‘special bar for the people’ will keep the ‘press in good spirits’. Similarly, ‘the bar for the commoners’ is not likely to keep the ‘press in good spirits’. Choice ‘d’ and ‘e’ are absurd. Choice (b) is logical because ‘a bar for the media is likely to keep the scribes (journalists) in good spirits.

4. The first word of options a), d) and e) are possible in the first blank. But ‘plausible’ and ‘flexible’ do not make sense in the second blank. Hence (a) and (e) are in correct. Choice (d) is apt.

5. The first words of all the five choices are possible in the first blank, but the word ‘spotted’ is the only appropriate choice in the second blank because the reference is ‘to merely see’ the envelop. The words ‘discern’(=see or hear with great difficulty), ‘perceive’ (=become aware of) are comparatively inappropriate in the second blank.

confusing Words

Choose the best pairs of words/phrases

1. Doctors and paramedical staff in all emergency wards had their hands filled/had their hands full trying to receive blood splattered victims, many of them brought in semi-conscious state from the sites/sights of the bomb blast.

2. Freedom of speech and expression may be propagated by most countries, but institutions are wary/weary when practised inopportunely.

3. The vibrant economy is a reflection success of India’s middle and upper classes who form the engine which is driving the country’s development and evoke /invoke the image of a ‘shining India’.

4. Ramanuja’s compassion for suffering humanity made him consolidate the system of Visistadvata into exclusive/inclusive philosophy which is apparent from a perusal/ pursuance of many incidents of his life.

5. If inflation is not controlled quickly troubles will ensue/ issue for the government from several quarters.


1. ‘To have one’s hands full’ means to be busy with. It is the right expression. ‘site’ is the places where as ‘sights’ implies ability to see.

2. ‘wary’ means to be circumspect while ‘weary’ means tired.

3. An image is ‘evoked’ (cause something to occur) ‘invoke’ is to call upon and it does not suit the context.

4. The context indicates that Ramanuja devised an not an exclusive (= pertaining to a select few) but an inclusive (=pertaining to all) philosophy. “perusal” is a scrutiny of something and “ pursuance’ means continuation of something.

5. “Ensue” is apt here which means ‘develop as a consequence’.

Sentence Completion - 2 Blanks1

Each question has a sentence with two blanks followed by five pairs of words. From the choices select the pair that completes the sentence.

1. In our village herbs grow is ------ but there is a ----- of palatable vegetables.

(1) abundance… dearth, (2) luxury… gang, (3) seasons … draught, (4) magnitude…. Lot,  (5) affluence ……scarcity.

2. He tried to pass the ---- money at the bank as if it were----- .

(1) stolen… illegitimate, (2) bogus… genuine, (3) collected … supplied, (4) dishonest…. counterfeit,  (5) ill-gotten ……legitimate.

3. When he was ridiculed he was --- but he regained ----- very soon.

(1) happy… friendship, (2) worried… little, (3) chagrined … composure, (4) lost…. nothing,  (5) sad ……happiness

4. She was --- in needle work but ---- in arranging the wares.

(1) distressful…. attentive, (2) abominable… humane, (3) outlandish … urbane, (4) dextrous…. clumsy, (5) talented ……untidy.

5. His lifestyle made him --- but his recourse to medicine made him look ---.
(1) lanky… lean, (2) obese… emaciated, (3) fantastic … lunatic, (4) diabetic…. acrobatic,  (5) stout ……gangling.

6. Her dress was --- though she lived in --- surroundings.

(1) gorgeous… tidy, (2) splendid … evasive, (3) immaculate … squalid, (4) showy…. shabby, (5) attractive ……neat.

7. It was --- of you to make such --- remarks in the meeting.

(1) impudent… impromptu, (2) foolish… wholesome, (3) legitimate … unwanted, (4) part…. impartial, (5) polite ……rude.

8. The American society is said to be ---- whereas Indian society is ----.

(1) active… impassive, (2) licentious… liberal, (3) permissive … restrictive, (4) off-line…. wayward, (5) catholic ……broad-minded.

9. I --- him because of his ----- behavior.

(1) congratulate… gory, (2) hate… hasty, (3) admit … stupid, (4) detest…. supercilious, (5) adore ……obnoxious.


10. The news about the bank --- threw the financial market into a

(1) fraud… turmoil, (2) account… epidemic, (3) cheating … confidence, (4) safety…. Suspicion, (5) scam ……excitement


1. The two points of the sentence are separated by a conjunction “but”, indicating that the words in the blanks should be contrasting. Hence the words ‘abundance’ (=excess, surfet) and dearth (= scarcity) are apt. Option 4 is ruled out because it cannot be said that ‘herbs grow in affluence’.

2. The structure of the sentence indicates that contrasting words fit into the blanks. Choice 2 is the most apt in the context. “bogus’ money can be passed as “legitimate’’. The words “stolen”, “illegitimate” (= illegal), “collected’, and “supplied’ , “dishonest and ‘counterfeit”(= fake), ‘ill gotten’ and ‘legitimate’ (= legal) do not make sense in the blank.

3. One is likely to be chagrined (= annoyed) on being ridiculed. But not “happy’, ‘worried’, ‘sad’, or ‘lost’. Choice 3 is the most logical.

4. The conjunction “but” indicates that contrasting words fit into the blanks. Hence ‘dextrous’ (= showing neat skill) and ‘clumsy’ are apt.

5. The structure of the sentence indicates that contrasting words fit into the blanks. Hence ‘obese’ and ‘emaciated’ (= lean ) are apt. Option 5 is inapt in comparison.

6. The structure of the sentence indicates that contrasting words fit into the blanks. Option 3 is the most logical in the given blanks. In spite of the ‘squalid’ (= filthy) surroundings in which she lived, her dress is immaculate (= completely tidy). The remaining options do not make sense.

7. Unwanted remarks are not ‘legitimate’ (= legal), ‘rude’ remarks are not ‘partial’, but ‘impromptu’ (= impulsive) remarks are certainly ‘impudent’ (= disrespectful, cheeky).

8. The conjunction “whereas” indicates that contrasting words fit into the blanks. Hence the words ‘restrictive’ and ‘permissive’ are not apt in the context. The words ‘licentious’ (= immoral) and ‘liberal (= open-minded) , ‘off-line’ (= not connected to computer), and ‘wayward’ (= disobedient) , ‘catholic’ (= liberal) and ‘broad minded are inappropriate.

9. A person is ‘detested’ (=hated) for his ‘supercilious’ (= haughty) behavior and not ‘hasty’.

10. A bank ‘fraud’ is likely to throw the financial market into a ‘turmoil’. The remaining options are illogical.
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