Thursday, 2 August 2012

Phrasal Verbs 2

Phrasal Verbs

1.       Bear :          Bear on, bear with, bear off, Bear out.

2.       Cast:           Cast down, cast aside, cast off, cast out.

3.       Pass:          Pass by, Pass over, Pass off, Pass away.

4.       Run:          Run down, Run off, Run out, Run over.

5.       Make:    Make for, Make up about,  Make into, make out

6.       Take:        Take in, Take off, Take to, Take down.

7.   Throw:  Throw about, Throw away, Throw out, Throw over.

8.       Put:          Put off, Put on, Put in, Put out

9.       Go:           Go upon, Go off,  Go over, Go by

10.   Set:          Set out, Set up,  Set in,  Set off

Bear  on means ‘to affect’.

Bear with means ‘to tolerate’.
Bear off means ‘to win’.
Bear out means  ‘to establish or confirm something’.

Cast  down  means ‘to be sad about something’.
cast aside means ‘to reject’ or “cast off.”
cast out means ‘to expel from society’.

Pass by  means to ‘ to go past’.
 Pass over means ‘to ignore’
Pass off  means ‘to convey a false impression about’.
Pass away means ‘to die’.

Run down means ‘to censure, to disparage or speak ill of’.
Run off means ‘to break off from control’.
Run out means ‘to come to an end’.
Run over means ‘to drive over’.

 Make for means ‘to move forward something’.
 Make up about means ‘to form a part of something’.
  Make into means ‘to change someone into someone’.
 Make out means ‘to understand some one’s character.

Take in means ‘to confide’.
Take off means ‘to remove’.
Take to means ‘to become addicted to’.
Take down means ‘to write down’.

 Put off means ‘to irritate or cause dislike’.
 Put on means ‘to trick or cheat people’.
Put in means ‘to put the ball into scrum (in rugby)’.
 Put out means ‘to upset or cause inconvenience to someone’.

Go upon means ‘to go by conclusion’.
 Go off means ‘to be a success’.
 Go over means ‘to examine thoroughly’.
 Go by means ‘to be guided by’.

Set out means ‘to plan something for future’
 Set up means ‘to establish something (company)’.
 Set in means ‘to begin happening’.
 Set off means ‘to start a journey’.

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