Sunday, 21 October 2012

confusing Words

Choose the best pairs of words/phrases

1. Doctors and paramedical staff in all emergency wards had their hands filled/had their hands full trying to receive blood splattered victims, many of them brought in semi-conscious state from the sites/sights of the bomb blast.

2. Freedom of speech and expression may be propagated by most countries, but institutions are wary/weary when practised inopportunely.

3. The vibrant economy is a reflection success of India’s middle and upper classes who form the engine which is driving the country’s development and evoke /invoke the image of a ‘shining India’.

4. Ramanuja’s compassion for suffering humanity made him consolidate the system of Visistadvata into exclusive/inclusive philosophy which is apparent from a perusal/ pursuance of many incidents of his life.

5. If inflation is not controlled quickly troubles will ensue/ issue for the government from several quarters.


1. ‘To have one’s hands full’ means to be busy with. It is the right expression. ‘site’ is the places where as ‘sights’ implies ability to see.

2. ‘wary’ means to be circumspect while ‘weary’ means tired.

3. An image is ‘evoked’ (cause something to occur) ‘invoke’ is to call upon and it does not suit the context.

4. The context indicates that Ramanuja devised an not an exclusive (= pertaining to a select few) but an inclusive (=pertaining to all) philosophy. “perusal” is a scrutiny of something and “ pursuance’ means continuation of something.

5. “Ensue” is apt here which means ‘develop as a consequence’.

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