Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sentence Completion 2 blaks -2

Each question has a sentence with two blanks followed by five pairs of words. From the choices select the pair that completes the sentence.

1. The _____ production of the crop was affected by the prevailing _________ .

a)Daily ….. trend, b). Untimely…. Condition, c). Crop…. Flood, d). Seasonal….. loss, e). Seasonal…. Drought

2. While the world was ______ to the happenings in Washington and new York, America’s political class was-_____ by the attacks.

a).watching ….. worried, b). alert…. concerned, c).vigilant…. disturbed, d). averse….. excited, e) glued…. Devastated.

3. The one thing that kept the______ in good spirits at the otherwise disappointing Agra summit was the special bar for the ______ at the Mughal Sheraton.

a) press ….. people, b) scribes…. media, c) journalists…. commoners, d) reporters…..meeting,e) visitors…. Media.

 4. We are truly _____ to the many hands and hearts that made this book _______

a) obliged ….. plausible, b) honoured….feasible, c) beholden ……credible, d) grateful……. Possible e)thankful….. flexible.

5. I was felling rather ________ when I ______ a yellow envelop on the table.

a) happy ….. discerned, b) jubilant….. glimpsed, c) ecstatic…… perceived, d) miserable…… spotted, d) upset…. Glared at.


1. Production of crop is affected by ‘flood’ or ‘drought’. But option C is incorrect because of the word ‘crop’ in the first blank. Choice ‘e’ is apt .

2. ‘watching” is not followed by ‘to’ . So option 1 is incorrect. Option 2 is inapt because, ‘’concerned’ is not followed by ‘by’. The world was ‘glued’ to the happenings in Washington and it was likely that America’s political class was ‘devastated’ by the attacks.

3. It cannot be said that the ‘special bar for the people’ will keep the ‘press in good spirits’. Similarly, ‘the bar for the commoners’ is not likely to keep the ‘press in good spirits’. Choice ‘d’ and ‘e’ are absurd. Choice (b) is logical because ‘a bar for the media is likely to keep the scribes (journalists) in good spirits.

4. The first word of options a), d) and e) are possible in the first blank. But ‘plausible’ and ‘flexible’ do not make sense in the second blank. Hence (a) and (e) are in correct. Choice (d) is apt.

5. The first words of all the five choices are possible in the first blank, but the word ‘spotted’ is the only appropriate choice in the second blank because the reference is ‘to merely see’ the envelop. The words ‘discern’(=see or hear with great difficulty), ‘perceive’ (=become aware of) are comparatively inappropriate in the second blank.

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