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An expression followed by four words is given in each of the questions. The expression carries the meaning of one the words. Find out the word and mark its corresponding letter as the answer.

1. A hastily made obstacle to preventing entering:

(A)fancying, (B) Balustrade, (C) Barricade, (D) Bastion

2. One who evaluates or judges fine arts:

(A) Adjudicator, (B) Artisan, (C) Critique, (D) Connoisseur.

3. Capable of reducing pain:

(A) Seductive, (B)Palliative, (C) Fugitive, (D) Vindictive.

4. A collection of parts into a mass of sum-total:

(A) Aggregate, (B) (A) Adjudicator, (B) Artisan, (C) Critique, (D) Connoisseur.

5. Having a quarrelsome character:

(A) Haughty, (B) Opponent, (C) Belligerent, (D) Salubrious.

6. Careful watching over possible wrong doing:

(A) Supervision, (B) Surveillance, (C) Servitude, (D) Reconnaissance.

7. Concerned with practical ideas or views:

(A) Orthodox, (B) Pragmatic, (C) Sensitive, (D) Apprehensive.

8. Showy but of little value:

(A) luxurious, (B) decorative, (C) Extrovert, (D) Trumpery.

9. Long lasting deep bitterness or ill-will:

(A) Rancour, (B) Grouse, (C)Empathy, (D) Enormity.

10. Very much concerned and anxious:

(A) Sombre, (B) Conciliatory, (C)impetuous, (D)Solicitous.


1.C, 2.D, 3. B, 4. A, 5. C, 6. B, 7. B, 8. D, 9. B, 10. D.

Note : You have forty words here. Refer ALD Oxford or Cambridge find out the exact word meaning of all the forty.

Contact the Library for the CD of the dictionary.

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