Monday, 16 July 2012

Bank Essays 3. Traditioal Skills vs Tachnology

“Since technology is applicable in every field, traditional skills need not be revived”.
To what extent do you agree to this opinion?

I do not agree to the statement that since technology is applicable in every field, traditional skills need not be revived. Both technology and tradition are equally important. We should strike the right balance between technology and tradition.

Traditional skills are the age-old methods of doing things. They have been perfected by their rigorous practitioners from generation to generation. Technology, on the other hand, is the scientific method developed during the past couple of centuries which has influenced all the departments of life. Nanotechnology, biotechnology, bioinformatics are but a few technologies that have improved the quality of our lives.

First and foremost, technology has played its own role in retaining tradition and conventional ways of life. Thanks to modern technology, ancient manuscripts and archaeological treasures and art have been restored to their former glory. Aboriginal arts, for example, have acquired worldwide recognition because they have been showcased the world over. Old forms of music, photographs, books have been preserved with the help of modern technology. On the other hand, some forms of technology, such as nuclear technology may lead us to annihilation. Besides, overdependence on technology can makeus slaves.
To sum up, we must have a well-balanced view to reap the benefitsof both tradition and techonology. Both have positive and negative aspects. 

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