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words Confused -2

Words Confused -2

1.       Women, in most villages, have to walk for long distances to fetch a pot of portable(a)/ potable (b) water.

2.       We were all set to go for a picnic in the woods but the unseasonal rains caught us unaware (a)/ unawares(b),  throwing cold water upon our plans.

3.       Most corporate hospitals offer intensive(a)/ intense (b) care to patients who are critically ill.

4.       Our exiguous(a)/ exigent (b) incomes are barely sufficient to beat the rising inflation.

(A)   Aaab    (B) bbaa,     (C) abaa,      (D) bbab

1.       The shear(a)/sheer(b) lace curtains enhance the summery look of the room.

2.        The black currant(a)/current(b) cake served as the last course of the meal was truly lip-smacking.

3.       As a child John had always been sick(a)/sickly(b) and extremely prone to infections.

4.       The remains of the old palace were obviated(a)/obliterated(b) in a matter of days.

(A)   Aaaa,       (B) aabb,      (C) bbbb,    (D) babb.

1.       It is hoped that the new ruling party would affect(a)/effect(b) a change in the country’s foreign policy.

2.       Junk foods have absolutely no nutritious(a)/nutritional(b) value.

3.       There was a gross disparity(a)/discrepancy(b) between the wagesbof the men and women labourers.

4.       The doctor expatiated(a)/ expiated(b) at length on the ill effects of smoking.

(A)   Bbba,    (B) babb,     (C)   bbaa,     (D) abbb

1.       This is one of the most vicious (a)/ viscous(b) terrorist attacks that has ever been witnessed.

2.       Due to the recent fluctuations in the stock market, this is not the auspicious (a)/propitious(b) time to invest in shares.

3.       It was a truly creditable (a)/credible(b) achievement for the team.

4.       The deadly criminal who remained elusive for a long time was finally nabbed by the police in a/an covert(a)/overt(b) operation.

1.       The Chief Minister was apprised(a)/ appraised(b) of the situation.

2.       She endeared to everyone with her winsome ways and childish(a) /childlike(b) innocence.

3.       The abrogation (a)/ abnegation (b) of the much despised presidential rule was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm.

4.       The symptoms of the disease may be exasperated(a)/exacerbated(b) by certain foods.

(A)   Abab,    (B) bbaa,   (C) abba,   (D) babb.


1.      “potable” refers to water which is fit for drinking. “portable” means something which can be moved from place to place. Only option b makes sense here.

2.      “unaware” means having no knowledge of a situation or fact. “unawarse” means suddenly and unexpectedly, without any warning. Only option b makes sense here.

3.      “intense” is used to describe an extreme degree. “intensive” is about concentration ; for example concentrated medical effort etc. Hence a.

4.      “exiguous” , meaning very small is apt in the context when compared to the word “exigent” meaning pressing or urgent need. Only option a makes sense here.

Choice: (B)

1.      “shear” is to cut the wool off (a sheep) etc. “sheer” means nothing but absolute. The latter suits the context better. Hence b.

2.      “currant” refers to dried grapes whereas, ‘current” refers to a flow. Only option a makes sense here.

3.      “sick” means physically or mentally ill. “sickly” means often ill. The latter is apt here. B.

4.      “obviate” is to foretell whereas “obliterate” is to remove or efface by destruction. Only option b makes sense here.

Choice (D)

1.      “affect’ means to cause or influence something to happen. “effect” is the result or achieve and cause it to happen. Only option b makes sense here.
2.      The word “nutritional” means relating to nutrition. “nutritious” means containing many of the substances needed for life and growth. The former is more apt in the given context. So, b.
3.      “disparity” highlights dramatic difference while “discrepancy” is a difference that should not exist at all. “disparity” is apt here; hence a.
4.      “expatiate” is elaborate or enlarge upon a topic in speaking or writing. “to expiate” is to make amends or atone for something wrong. Only option a makes sense here.

Choice (C)
1.      The word “viscous” describes a liquid that is thick and sticky and does not flow easily. “vicious” on the other hand, describes people or actions that show an intension or desire to hurt someone or something badly. Only option a makes sense here.
2.      “auspicious” means that the circumstances are a good omen pointing to success, while “propitious” means the conditions are directly conducive to success. Only option b makes sense here.
3.      “credible” is something believable. “creditable” is worthy of praise. “creditable” is apt here. a
4.      “covert” means hidden or secret. “overt” means open and frank, antonym of covert. The former suits the given context.                           Choice : (C)

1.       The word “appraise” means to examine or evaluate someone or something to judge their qualities, success or needs, is a misfit here. “apprise” means to inform is apt. Hence a.
2.      While “childish” is a disappointing term which means silly, “childlike” means honest and innocent. Only option b makes sense here.
3.      “abrogate” is to end a law, custom or an agreement formally. “abnegate” is self-denial. ‘a’ suits the context.
4. “exacerbate” means make something worse. “exasperate” means make someone annoyed. The former is apt in the context.b.   Choice : (A)

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