Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bank Essays- e waste

e-waste is a major problem faced by the society. Why is it a problem and how can we solve it?

Electronic devices such as radio, television, computers and music systems have improved the quality of human life significantly. We depend on various electronic devices to spread knowledge, to entertain and to improve health care through diagnostic and therapeutic (=for treatment of illness) procedures. However, Electronics has its bright and dark sides. The problem of electronic waste is perhaps one of the major problems faced by all countries.
It cannot be denied that the ever-growing technology is the hallmark of the modern world. It is not the durability but the novelty that attracts the people. So they replace the old devices with the new ones more rapidly than ever before. Radio, television and other equipment add to the pile of wastes. Computers also produce a good deal of plastic waste as its CDs and DVDs contain plastic materials.

The problem is that plastic is non-biodegradable and its burning results in the emission of several harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Besides plastic, electronic devices contain heavy metals like nickel, cadmium lead and mercury which are highly poisonous substances that can pollute the soil and water bodies. The real solution lies in recycling. But recycling needs a lot of electricity. The development of alternative sources for the production of more electricity is the key solution of the problem of e-waste.
To conclude, the use of biodegradable substances in the manufacture of electronic devices and recycling are the key solution of the problem of electronic waste. (words - 262)

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