Friday, 20 July 2012

Books for General Reading

Dear Sir,
Could you please a bibliography for my general reading which may improve my comprehension and language skills.
Kiran Prabha (CAT) 
Title                                         Author                               Subject

Future Shock                      Alvin Toffler                           Society

The End of Work              Jeremy Rifkin                          Society

The Boitech Century           -do-                              Science and Society-                                      

Who should play God         -do-                                        -do-

An America Dilemma     Gunnar Myrdal                        Society

Our Posthuman Future   Francis Fukuyama       Science and Society

The Open Society and its Enemies    Karl Popper       Sociology

Children of Crisis                                  Robert Coles     Social Psychology

The Story of Philosophy                     Will Durant        Philosophy

The Varieties of Religious Experience  Will James        Religion

A Study of History                                  Arnold Toinbee    History

The Art of Memory                               Frances Yeats        Cultural History

The Affluent Society                           John K Galbraith     Economic Thoughts

The Liberal Hour                                          -do-                        -do-

The Way the World Works              Jude Wanninski        Economics

The Abolition of Man                        CS Lewis                   Natural Law

Homage to Catalonia                        George Orwell         Critical Essays

The Aspects of the Novel               EM Forster               Literature

Ideas and Opinions                  Albert Einstein       Scientific Thoughts

Six Easy Pieces                                Richard Feynman   Education

Sweet Science                                AJ Liebling                Sports

Autobiography of a Yogi             Paramahamsa Yogananda         Yoga

Animal Farm                                 George Orwell                Fiction

1984                                                    -do-                               -do-


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