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Words Confused

Words confused
In each question, there are four sentences. Each sentence has pairs of words/phrases that are italicized/and highlighted. Select the most appropriate ones.

1.       The minister who was arrested for his alleged involvement in a scam was denied bail (a)/bale (b)by the court.

2.       Emperor Asoka abjured(a)/adjured(b) his kingdom after the Kalinga war.

3.       I purposefully(a)/purposely(b) avoided taking the public transport during the peak hours.

4.       The Chief Minister made an aerial survey of the flood ravaged(a)/ ravished(b) districts.

(A)   Aaba,    (B) aaaa, (C) abba,  (D) baaa

1.       Rebecca looked stunning in her long sumptuous(a)/ scrumptious (b)evening gown.

2.       The politicians’ tour to the remote villages and interaction with the slum dwellers was a flagrant(a)/ blatant (b) attempt to win votes from the masses.

3.        The penalty of Rs. 10,000 was imposed upon him for flouting(a)/ flaunting (b) the traffic rules.

4.       Both the young and old were greatly amused(a)/bemused(b) by the clown’s antics.

(A)   Baaa,  (B) bbab,  (C) abaa,  (D) aaaa

1.       Even the aroma detectable food not whet(a)/wet(B) badly impaired appetite

2.       After a restive(a)/restful(b) sleep, I felt relaxed and rejuvenated the next morning.

3.       The municipal authorities razed(a)/raised (b) several illegal constructions to the ground.

4.       Our holiday plans were ruined by the adverse(a)/averse(b) weather conditions

(A)   Abab,  (B) baab,  (C) aaba,  (D)abaa

1.       Prince Sidhartha renounced his princely life and turned into an acetic (a)/ ascetic at the very young age.

2.       There was a notable(a)/noticeable(b) improvement in Ram’s health over the past few weeks.

3.       Physical exercise and consumption of healthy(a)/healthful(b) food is essential for keeping oneself fit.

4.       He evinced(a)/evoked(b) a strong desire to be reconciled with his estranged wife.

(A)   Bbba,  (B) baaa,  (C) bbbb,  (D) bbaa


1.The word ‘bail” refers to the money paid into a court to release a person charged with an offence. “bale” refers to a bundle of hay or wool. Only (a) is apt.

“abjure” means to renounce. “Adjure” is to charge someone with a serious responsibility. Only (a) is apt.

“purposely”  means intentionally or with a purpose. “purposefully” means determined or resolute. Only (b) is apt.

“ravaged “ means extensively damaged, ruined or destroyed. “ravish” means to capture or to be carried away with great delight. Only (a) is apt.    

The correct sequence is aaba . Choice A

2.  The word “sumptuous” means luxurious and showing wealth is apt. “scrumptious” means delicious, which does not make sense in the context.

“blatant” means something bad that is very obvious or intentional, while the word “flagrant” which refers to an action which is shockingly bad does not make sense here.

“to flout” is to violate a rule or a law. “flaunt” is to display. Only (a) makes sense.

“bemuse” means confuse. “amuse” is apt.

The sequence is abaa. Choice (C)

3.  “whet” means to sharpen, excite, or stimulate is apt here. Hence (a)

“restive” means restless does not suit in the given context. “restful means relaxed make sense here. Hence (a)

“raze” means to pull down illegal constructions. “raise” means to elevate. The former makes sense here.

The word “adverse” which means harmful or unpleasant is more appropriate here. “averse” means strongly disliking or opposed to. Hence (a)

The sequence is abaa   Choice is ( D)

5.       An “ascetic” is a hermit, a sanyasi. “acetic” means acerbic or sharp tasting. Only ascetic makes sense here. Option is (a)

“a notable person “ is someone who is distinguished by some aspect of worthiness or character. “noticeable” means easily seen. Hence (b).

“healthy” means having good health. “healthful” means having or helping towards good health. Only (b) makes sense.

“evince” means make obvious or show clearly. “evoke is to make someone remember something or feel an emotion. Only a makes sense. Choice(A)

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