Friday, 14 September 2012

Again From Gaganan The Hindu dt.12-09-12

1. To illustrate the significance of interventionist strategy in controlling suicidal rates in high-risk areas, she narrated the experience in Srinivasapuram and Kasimedu.

2. To unravel the truth, research has to be carried out, including studies on women in Chennai and on those in the semi-urban and rural parts of Tamil Nadu,” said Lakshmi Vijaykumar, psychiatrist and founder of Sneha, a suicide prevention group, during a discussion on World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10)

3. The sanctions, imposed in the face of warnings that they could jeopardise relations with Pakistan, a long standing patron of the Haqqanis, are the latest in a series of similar measures

4. For all the sound and fury surrounding the sanctions, though, terrorists they are designed to intimidate seem just as unimpressed as the Somali militias Mr. Clinton railed against.

5. they’ve also proven to be remarkably artful dodgers

6. an assets freeze, a travel ban and an arms embargo are not easily applied in a country

7. Early this year, the United Nations Security Council received grim testimony from the eight-member

8. Taliban’s finances rarely touched the banking system, making interdiction impossible.

9. the contracting firm paid a staggering $1 million annually to a local strongman suspected of having links to the Haqqani network

10. In the Sahel, the al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM, has cashed in on the chaos in Libya, and significantly expanded its arsenal.

11. We live in a legal environment where the rule of sub judice is regarded as an anachronism, emanating from a time when all trials were decided by jurors susceptible to influence by what was published in the press.

12. which regulates the dissemination of matter under the consideration of the court

13. Indeed, by emphasising the right of an aggrieved person to seek postponement of media coverage of an ongoing case by approaching the appropriate writ court, there is a danger that gag orders may become commonplace

14. Amendment trumps any restriction placed on rights to free speech, the courts have evolved “neutralising devices”

15. India has shown it has the ability to move forward from the 2008 attacks in Mumbai while hoping Pakistan brings the perpetrators to book; for its own sake too, it is important that Islamabad does this, and clamps down on terror outfits.

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