Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Vocab for the Week

In each of the following questions, the word at the top is used in five different ways, numbered 1 to 5. Choose the option that is incorrect /inappropriate.


1. Lie on a firm mattress to avoid a backache.

2. The new firm has several plans for expansion.

3. Workouts at the gym will help to firm flabby muscles.

4. The government should stay form and not give in to the demands of the hijackers.

5. This is a residential school and the kids here need a firm hand to make them behave.


1. Insects, especially cockroaches, can live on anything.

2. All the farmers in this remote village live off their lands.

3. Where one lives reflects one’s status.

4. The live concert attracted a record audience.

5. It is not easy to live up somebody’s expectations.


1. Rohana couldn’t help but worry about her mother after the latter had a heart attack.

2. You can help yourself to anything that is on the table.

3. Just scolding the children will not help in correcting their ways.

4. The hostess gave children an extra help of ice cream.

5. She was more a hindrance than a help.


1. The soldiers fought bravely though they knew it was in vain.

2. It’s a trivial matter and not worth fighting.

3. Neha had to fight a legal battle to get the custody of her children.

4. The rebel army fought its way to the capital last week.

5. It is time to fight back against corruption in Indian bureaucray.


1. Sentence 3 must be ‘firm up’ meaning to make or become firmer or more solid.

2. In sentence 5 it should be ‘live up to’. When you live up to somebody’s expectations, you are as good as they expect you to be.

3. The usage of the word help in sentence 4 is wrong. It should be “helping” (meaning a serving) in the context.

4. In the sentence 2, it should be “…. Not worth fighting over/about/for”

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