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In each of the question, there are five sentences. Each sentence has pairs of words that are highlighted. Select the most appropriate word/words.


1.Racism and such related beliefs are aberrant(A) /abhorrent(B) to a modern day civilized society.

2. Although she has got a job, in these days of recession, she seems to feel ambivalent (A)/ambiguous (B) about it.

3. Kumar’s eyes coolly appraised (A)/ apprised (B) the young woman before him.

4. The climatic (A)/ climactic (B) moment of a lightening storm, nature’s most dramatic event, is a deafening thunder.

5. The lady was charged with living off immoral (A)/ amoral (B) earning.


1. The step-mother was contemptible (A) / contemptuous (B) of everything the girl did.

2. Radha allowed herself to be convinced (A) / persuaded (B) into entering the competition.

3. Before displaying his spectacular skills, the magician made an allusion (A) / illusion (B) to the magic of Houdini.

4. The conversation was mostly incipient (A)/ insipid (B) and so I left.

5. We were in the insidious (A) / invidious (B) position of having to choose whether to break the law or risk our lives.


1. The principal’s speech was nothing but laudable (A) laudatory (B) , she expressed her admiration for her students.

2. Most serial killers have a morbid (A) / moribund (B) fascination with blood.

3. Throughout human history, people have been prosecuted (A) / persecuted (B) for their religious beliefs.

4. Although the construction of the new lab is a necessity, it is hardly practical (A) / practicable (B) in this tiny building.

5. I am drawn to the poetic, sensuous (A)/ sensual (B) qualities of her paintings.



1. The correct word in statement is (B). "abhorrent” which means repugnant/ causing hatred, as we say ‘abhorrent to’. Aberrant means, not usual or not socially acceptable.

2. The correct word is ambivalent (A) having both good and bad feelings. Ambiguous means ‘not clear’.

3. The correct word is ‘appraise(A), means to consider examine somebody. “apprise” means to tell or inform somebody.

4. The correct word is ‘immoral” (A)., ‘ not considered to be good or honest’. Amoral means “not caring about right and wrong”.

5. The correct word is climactic (B) which means “related to the climax”. Climatic is ‘connected to climate” .


1. The correct word is contemptuous (B), ‘showing that you have no respect for someone.” contemptible means ‘despicable’, ‘deserving no respect”.

2. The correct word is persuade as it means ‘to make somebody do something’. Convince means ‘ to make somebody believe that something is true’.

3. The correct word is allusion and it means ‘reference in an indirect way’. Illusion is ‘a false idea or belief’.

4. The correct word is insipid which means ‘flavourless or dull’. Incipient means ‘’just beginning’.

5. The correct word is invidious, meaning ‘unpleasant and unfair’. Insidious means ‘ spreading gradually without being noticed’


1. The correct word is laudatory which means ‘expressing praise or admiration’. Laudable means ‘commendable’.

2. The correct word is morbid which means ‘having strong interest in sad or unpleasant things’. Moribund means ‘ in a dying condition’.

3. The correct word is persecuted which means ‘to treat someone in a cruel and unfair way’. Prosecute means ‘to officially charge someone with a crime in a court’.

4. The correct word is practicable which means ‘ feasible’/ ‘able to be done’. Practical means ‘ be connected with real situation rather than ideas or theories’.

5. The correct word is sensuous which means ‘giving pleasure to your senses’. Sensual means ‘connected with your physical feelings’.

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