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Foreign Words and Phrases

Foreign words and phrases commonly used in English

ab initio ( Latin) - from the beginning.

ad hoc (Latin) – for a particular purpose only.

Ad infinitum (Latin) – limitless, for ever.

Ad interim (Latin) – in the mean time.

Ad valorem (Latin) – according to the value.

Alma Mater (Latin) - used for the university or school attended.

Alter ego (Latin) - one’s second self

A priori (Latin) – based on theoretical deduction.

Au revoir (French) – good bye till we meet again.

Bête noire (French) –a person or thing disliked.

Bona fide (Latin) – in good faith.

Bon voyage (French) – have a good journey.

Coup d’ etat (French) –unconstitutional change of government.

De facto (Latin) in actual fact.

De jure (Latin) – according to law.

De novo (Latin) – anew.

Détente (French) – relaxation of strained relations.

En bloc (French) – in a body.

En route (French) – on the way.

Ex gratia (Latin) – as in ‘ex gratia payment’ meaning payment not legally binding but for which some moral obligation is felt.

Ex officio (Latin) - by virtue of one’s office.

Fait accompli (French)- a thing already done.

Faux pas (French) – a false step, an indiscreet remark.

Modus operandi (Latin) – mode ofoperation.

Mala fide (Latin) – in bad faith.

Nouveau riche (French) - people who have recently become rich and who display their wealth in a tasteless way.

Par excellence (French) – of the highest degree.

Prima facie (Latin) – on the first view.

Quid pro quo (Latin) – something given or taken in place of another.

Sine die (Latin) - without a day appointed.

Status quo (Latin)- the current situation.

Sub judice (Latin) - under judicial consideration.

Ultra vires (Latin) – beyond the power of law.

Volte face (French) - complete change.

Vis-à-vis – in comparison with

Note: Use ALD Oxford or Cambridge to practise the pronunciation of each item.

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